About Me

I love what I do and I appreciate your business! I have been an Avon lady since 2006! Thank you for allowing me to serve your Avon needs!! I LOVE, EAT, BREATHE, and LIVE for Avon products! I have been using their products since I was 18, which is a long time! LOL   http://www.AvonIsAwesome.com

Save 20% off your $50 or more direct delivery order – code: THANKYOU20. Register on my site for weekly money saving coupons at http://www.AvonIsAwesome.com. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at avonisawesome@gmail.com

I’m a work at home Mom of 2 beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate daughters who mean the world to me and have the best husband in the world! 😍

I am very lucky indeed! 💜

We have an adorable and affectionate miniature pinscher puppy named Penny!

How cute am I? 😊💜

How cute am I? 😊💜


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